Customized Searches

Search multiple fields for detailed reservations data.

Rental Insight eliminates the need to spend hours performing database queries in search of guest data, giving you a quick, easy way to access your information. For example, within five minutes you can pull together a list of all guests arriving within the next 6 months, who have not yet purchased travel insurance, have not yet paid in full and send those guests a targeted email to upsell travel insurance.

You can also view potential duplicate customer codes within your software and clean up your data by identifying those repeat guests. Rental Insight helps you focus on the numbers that matter most.

  • Save hours of time performing database queries.
  • Quickly target specific reservation groups, with multiple criteria from booking date to amenities – the possibilities are virtually endless!
  • Automatically email or create an Excel document of your search results.
  • Allow your managers to stay informed of all booking activity by automatically sending a daily email summary of booking for the past day, week, month and year.
  • View the locations that your guests are arriving from to assist in your marketing campaigns.
  • Focus on the numbers that matter most, and perform countless searches based on the criteria that’s most beneficial to your company!

Interested in a demo of this tool? We will set up a customized online demo for any of our products, and are confident you will see our difference!

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