Easy to Use

Owners can easily log-in via a link on your website.

Simplify Owner Reservations

Owners can make online reservations and requests without a call to the office.

Owner Web saves time and money by allowing property owners to make reservations, view their rental calendar and update information online at their convenience. We offer a full suite of tools that help them manage information, as well as let you know if they want you to schedule housekeeping, leave keys out for them and other small details.

Customize this application by turning any feature off or on for your homeowners to best fit the needs of your business. An additional cost-saving benefit allows you to upload important documents to every owner or specific information to a select group easily and efficiently. Owners have access to statements, work orders, detailed statistics and much more. Owners can even receive booking notifications and access multiple properties as needed.

  • Easily maintain all of your owner information in one central location.
  • Manage all of your owner correspondence in the secure messaging feature.
  • Allow your owners easy access to their rental calendar, statements, company news and other essential information.
  • Owners can make reservations, receive booking notifications, view the latest news, view statements, notify you of preferred vendors and maintenance preferences, and more!
  • With our sister Owner Addendums tool, owners can e-sign their property management agreements and other owner forms.

Interested in a demo of this tool? We will set up a customized online demo for any of our products, and are confident you will see our difference!

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